Stuart's Home Page - It all starts Here...

Welcome and many thanks for paying a visit to my Home Page.

Ever wondered how home pages come to be written in the first place ?

Well, some of the contents arrived here by request i.e. people kept pestering me. My powers of description being less than adequate, they said "Web it so we can see it !"

So I did...

I'd like to think though, most parts will be here because they're interesting and worth sharing. The pages will change from time to time, so please come back regularly to see what's new.

As I write this, a good deal of what I have in mind is still incomplete and you'll see Work in progress sometimes. So, as this is strictly spare time stuff, it can't all be brought together at once, although some parts are well under way. For example, have a look at my Subminiature Camera page. This is slowly being added to but I hope you'll find it interesting where it's at right now (may I even dare to say it - inspirational....)

Other things I've included are to do with Weather Satellites (since we're always going on about the weather in England) and later there'll be something about Amateur Radio. You might for instance, have a look at the home page of my local Club: Tyneside Amateur Radio Society. This may give you some ideas as well as a picture gallery together with some links if you are interested in looking further afield. Amateur Radio has often been misrepresented so here is your chance to find out more.

I might put in something about things I've worked on - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR for short. (Perhaps you've heard about that in some medical context - MRI ?  There's much more to it of course.)

Maybe some Cultural Topics that interest me.

And maybe some Personal Information too - you'd like to see that, wouldn't you ? Well later, maybe....

The pages linked above are simple, and straightforward without fancy graphics ~ I'm inclined to think these features are often unhelpful and if you're on a slow link, you may well appreciate being without them ! They have their place, but not here...

Perhaps this'll do to be going on with...   The author !  (You can judge....)

If there's anything that's interesting to you worth a comment, please feel free to e-mail me at:

<-Remove this bit->zmbovk@<-and this bit too->yahoo·com    (anti-spam: use the correct dotted punctuation ! )

but meanwhile, I hope this visit proves worthwhile for you, and hope to 'see' you again.

October 2004