To begin with .... Fuengirola

This resort is situated on the south-east coast of Spain on the Costa del Sol. It's a comfortable and quiet spot (if you choose your location carefully !) and has lots of amenities. It's also conveniently situated for visits to many other places of interest in the region such as Granada, Seville and Cordoba; Malaga, the nearest largish city (with its airport) is easily reached by train and worth a visit. Marbella (where the 'beautiful' people live) is not far down the road and Gibraltar (which has little to commend it in my opinion apart from duty-free shopping) is not too far - you can get a ferry from nearby Algeciras to Tangier in Morocco if you wish. The hinterland is pretty rugged and scenic too though you really need your own transport and plenty of time to see it properly.

As always though, it often has that sunny climate that northern visitors have come to cherish !

I've paid several visits with my partner over a number of years and here are some pictures from the area (not necessarily all Fuengirola) that I happen to like.

High rise is the order of the day in the central area.

The Market

The Tuesday morning market is always very popular with both locals and visitors.

But it can be a hot and sweaty exercise too...

Paddle Steamer

A popular night club in Buenalmadena, believe it or not...

Back street

It's easy to get lost in the narrow back streets of Cordoba

Sunlight    Altarpiece
The Cathedral (formerly a Mosque) in Cordoba is an essential part of any visit. Cordoba,
at one time, rivalled Mecca as a source of learning and enlightment in the Muslim world.

San Miguel

The St. Miguel brewery is also worth a visit....

Apart from the closeup view, the subsequent hospitality with the opportunity to sample speciality beers apart from the 'regulars' is an opportunity not to be missed.

In fact, it's been so popular that I'm not sure if they're doing it any more.


A walk up to the fortress in Malaga provides impressive views, here the Bullring, said to be the second largest in Spain. The biggest one is, I believe, in Ronda.


Part of Fuengirola's Castella Sohail. The original Roman town was called Suel which changed, over the centuries, to Suhayl, eventually giving the Castle its modern name. In the Middle Ages the town became known as Font-Jirola (after the spring rising at the Castle foot) which in turn became corrupted into the Fuengirola of today.

Tea shop

Tangier is worth a visit though quite possibly you may not be comfortable with everything you may see. There is a significant and perceptible step-change in culture on moving south. All the same, visitors should not be deterred.

"There is nothing better than experience, but more of it" (Oscar Wilde)

Try a traditional tea house for a change.

Souk    Souk
The Souk has a great variety of inhabitants

A wedding
If you don't like walking, you can always ride....

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