A word of comment here. I originally assumed that development and support of the JS21 by Jenoptik had ceased some time ago and that there would therefore be no updates of software, in particular drivers for WindowsXP.   In this I was incorrect as one visitor to my site pointed out, and who subsequently sent me a copy of just such drivers which he had managed to prise out of Jenoptik.  After mentioning this on my site, I received very many requests for help and I sent out a large number of discs to those who requested them.  Due to the quite significant number of these, I am now rather out of pocket, and as I received almost no expenses in return from most of my visitors, even those who offered them, I will not be sending out any further discs on request unless a blank CD together with adequate return postage is received in advance.  I'm happy to help people, but I'm not a charity !

If you want further details, you should e-mail me at:

zmbovk<--remove this bit -->@yahoo<-- and this as well -->.com