Receiving Satellite Images

 This is probably the part which will be of most interest to visitors being to do with what is required to receive weather satellite images. Previous pages will have indicated the different sorts which can be pbtained: APT, HRPT and WEFAX.  HRPT is outside the scope of these pages for it requires a significant degree of technical competence to assemble a system (though you can buy a working one, off the shelf, for perhaps 2000 or so); visitors interested in this should consult the links page for some suggestions as to where to find out more information.

For most people, APT is the easiest place to start and can if desired be extended to include WEFAX at a later time. Although APT will be phased out during the coming years, it will be around for a good while yet (perhaps till 2010), so it's definitely worth making a start now for the investment in time & effort won't disappear quickly.